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Crush Family Reunion.

On Saturday,February 5th 2011 the Treanor, McAnespie, McKenna etc families gathered in St. Mellans for what was termed - the ‘Crush Family Reunion’. It was a big gathering and what a night it was. Plenty of preparation had been done as was evident from the performances of some members of the family. Bernie had a fantastic poem detailing the history of the family and the family tree. The ‘Margo’s Hare Salun’ was the setting for a very humorous sketch with lines that would make Brendan O’Carroll green with envy. Once again we were treated to the family history only this time it went into more detail and was somewhat more personal, but judging from the reaction of those being depicted - the person was very accurately portrayed and the rest in attendance showed their agreement with rapturous laughter, although one could sense a little bit of tension as some trembled in anticipation of how they would be portrayed. All great fun and made for an excellent occasion

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