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North Monaghan  Social Services Party

Thursday after Thursday for the best part of the year a group of volunteers organise the North Monaghan Social Services gathering since its beginnings in 1986. Some members have been there since day 1 and many have come and gone for one reason or another. However all are to be complimented on their service to the community as Thursday in Emyvale Leisure Centre is a couple of hours for senior citizens from North Monaghan to meet, chat, enjoy a first class meal, chat, be entertained, chat and dance. This was emphasised by Fr. Martin when he praised the volunteers and on behalf of the community, thanked them for their generous giving of their time and talents during the Christmas 2017 Party held on Thursday, December 7th. This received a big round of applause from those who attended and on this occasion members of the Caledon group had been invited. They thanked the North Monaghan group for the invite and they were delighted to be present and in return they invited the North Monaghan people to join them in Caledon in January. All enjoyed a sumptuous meal with all the Christmas trappings but unfortunately Santa was unable to stop off in Emyvale on Thursday due to pressure of work but he did leave boxes of chocolates for all to enjoy. Mick Kavanagh, chairman of the NMSS, acted as Master of Ceremonies and thanked all for attending and looked forward to seeing them all again and asked them to bring a friend. Some of those present are pictured below. If you are a senior citizen and would like to join all you have to do is come along on Thursday at 1pm and you will be very welcome. If you would be willing to give a couple of hours to help with setting up and  serving the meal and clearing up after wards you would also be very welcome and it is nice to see some of the younger folk getting involved. After the meal Fr. Hubert conducted a bible reading and a blessing for all. There was a raffle too and it looked as if there was a prize for 'everyone in the audience'.