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silver hill

Network in Sliabh Beagh

On Monday, June 11th Monaghan Community Network organised a Cross Community event at the Sliabh Beagh Hotel, Knockatallon. There was a great response and a very enjoyable evening was had by all. People from Tyrone, Fermanagh and Armagh joined with the people of Monaghan for the event which began with a 'ramble' when all went for a walk around the beautiful scenic region of Sliabh Beagh. This was a chance for friendships renewed and new acquaintances made. When all arrived back at the Hotel there was a feast of food served up and enjoyed. They say that the fresh air gives one a good appetite and this was added to by the mouth-watering menu available. During the meal the background music and song entertainment was supplied by Edelle McMahon and all were loud in their praise of the quality of her singing and music. After the meal John Moyna and Mary Mullan addressed the gathering and told the story of the Sliabh Beagh Hotel and the additional projects completed by the community in the area. This is a great success story and the Hotel is in big demand for weddings and family gatherings, and the All-weather pitches, which were developed on the other side of the road, are a great boon to the youth of the area, and all this is bringing life back to an area that suffered massive isolation and desolation during 'the troubles' and the fact that it has been developed by the community itself makes it even more important to the area and great praise is due to the volunteers who had the courage, the will and the dream to make it all happen.