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Monaghan Town CCTV

A joint project between Monaghan District Council and the local Gardai, which is hoped to come on stream by the Summer of 2018, was unveiled at a Public Consultation meeting in the Markethouse, Monaghan, on Wednesday night last between 7.30 and 9.30pm. A steady stream of locals visited the Markethouse where Carol Lambe, Monaghan Co Co Development Officer described the project and how it was going to move forward. This was an opportunity for local people to examine details of the plan and to give their blessing or otherwise to the project. You can hear the details by listening to the podcast from an interview with Carol Lambe by clicking on her image here. During my time at the event I sensed a strong eagerness to go ahead with the planning as it is hoped that it would act as a deterrent to stop crime and public disorder in the town and would also provide evidence to the Gardai in their investigations of crime committed. The whole area of privacy and data protection was discussed and details of the regulations to ensure that there would be no breach of the Data Protection Act in anything the project would do and that the central control and monitoring would be carried out by Gardai in the Garda Station. Other members of Monaghan Co Co staff, Monaghan Municipal councillors, Senator Robbie Gallagher and Garda Sgt Adrian Durkan, who was representing the Gardai's involvement in the project. Anyone who still wishes to submit their opinion can do so by any of the thans described by Carol at the end of the podcast.

Proposed location of cameras in the centre of town.

Emer Brennan, Monaghan Tidy Towns; Garda Sgt. Adrian Durkan, Carol Lambe and Senator Gallagher.

Mayor Paudge Connolly, Mark Gonnelly, Sgt Durkan and Senator Gallagher.

carol lambe.mp3

Carol Lambe Podcast