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silver hill

The McKenna Cross stands in the Old Donagh Graveyard, 3.5Km from Emyvale and 1Km from Glaslough. It dates from the 12th century and is almost 7ft. In height. According to local tradition it was in the shadow of this Cross that the McKenna chieftains were inaugurated as Leaders of their Clann. It was obviously deliberately knocked down by ‘the Planters’ of the early 17th century and lay buried in the ground until discovered by a member of the Leslie family c.1830. It was knocked or blown down again at a later date and again lay buried until 1910, when it was re-discovered by Sir Shane Leslie, who had it erected in its present location. The stem appears short but actually stands 6ft. 2ins. In height. A concrete collar of 18ins. Surrounds the lower part of the stem, keeping the two broken parts together.

To the left is the McKenna Grave, which is in Donagh Old Graveyard. Many of the McKenna Chieftains are buried here. Here Seamus McCluskey acts as tour guide for a visit of the McKenna Clan. In the foreground is the stump, regarded as the original site of the McKenna Cross. It is now referred to as - ‘The Wart Well’ as locals claim that the water trapped in the stump cures warts.

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