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silver hill

Tidy Towns Update May 8th

1. Our Litter blitz on Saturday morning went great ( see photos below) Thanks to all and many thanks to Fleming's SuperValu,  Monaghan, for supplying us with new hi-vis vests. Can we all keep cleaning the approach roads over the next few weeks and try to get others to help out. Our next local litter clean-up blitz is on Saturday morning 2/6/18 at 10.30am. Our tidy towns application will be submitted on 23/5/18.


2. On Saturday last we put up a number of  biodiversity 'managed for wildlife ' signs (two at river and two on left hand side grassy area opposite Silverhill farmshop).


3. Progress list for free flowers - how's this coming on? Wonder would it be an idea to knock on Main Street doors and ask them if they would like free flowers. If anyone has got time to do this this week  please work away. When would it be best to distribute them to residents?  Could Mary and/or Patricia do up present order list and circulate around.


4. Karen and Patricia will attend biodiversity talk this Thursday evening in Monaghan Town. Thanks ladies .


5. John and I are meeting Tourism officer Dympna Condra on Monday 14th at 2.30pm at Emyvale Bridge. If anyone would like to join us please let me know.


6. Is anyone around on Monday May 21st 7pm-ish - Venue The Four Seasons Hotel for community environmental fund presentation to us. At least one person for our group needs to be there. Thanks. Unfortunately,  Karen nor I can make it that evening.


7. Next meeting community hub proposed for Monday May 28th at 8pm - Is that ok with all? If so I will book the community hub room.

kind regards,  Enda