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silver hill

Visit by Alan MacKenzie

With a name like MacKenzie it is more likely that his ancestors came from Scotland but Alan MacKenzie is from Kelly's Cross in Prince Edward Island, Canada, and was on a visit to Ireland and decided that he had to come to Monaghan to see this place that his neighbours refer to as their place of origin. He contacted Cllr Sean Conlon, who is just back from an official visit on behalf of Monaghan County Council to PEI. Sean contacted me and we met up at St. Patrick's Corracrin, where Alan learned the story of the emigration to PEI from this area in the 1830's + due to the assistance of Canon Patrick Moynagh, PP of Donagh. We then went to the border crossing at Moybridge where he had a photo taken showing the Link between the two areas and then a call to Kelly's Cross at Cavancope. There he saw the Canadian Maple tree planted by the then Premier Joe Ghiz, now deceased, when he paid a visit to Monaghan in 1990. From there we went to Donagh Old Graveyard and he heard some of the McKenna history and life in the area back some centuries ago. A visit to Castle Leslie came next and then it was off to continue his trip in other areas. We hope he enjoyed his few hours with us and that he can go back to PEI and tell that the link between our two areas is as strong as ever.