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Congrats to Leslie Crawford

On Monday evening, May 7th 2018 a crowd gathered in the Community Hall at Ballyalbany, Monaghan, and quietly everyone waited the arrival of a very surprised Leslie Crawford. Earlier in the day Leslie had completed the Belfast City Marathon, which was his 200th Marathon, and that with an excellent time. Family, friends and colleagues from the running fraternity were in Ballyalbany to congratulate him on this great achievement and many to thank him for getting them involved in the sport. As he entered, having been duped by his daughter, the crowd burst into 'Congratulations' while the stunned Leslie stood trying to get to grips with what was happening. It soon sank in and he cherished each moment and every handshake and hug. Enda Galligan acted as MC and called attention as some presentations of gifts were made to Leslie including a history in verse from Ann-Marie McCleary. Leslie in reply told us how he started and quit and then started again and the challenges he faced and set himself and how he has enjoyed the sport, more so because of the great friendships he has formed because of the sport. He explained the origins of Joggernutts and the great experience it has been for so many and he invited more to join them on Saturday mornings. Food was served and the party continued. Our congratulations to Leslie on a fantastic achievement and well done for sharing the great enjoyment and benefits of his sport.