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silver hill

Leah's Birthday

August 15th was a big day in the Murphy houshold, Emyvale, that is the household of Gregory and Alicia Murphy and their two daughters, Leah and Janette, as Leah received her Leaving Cert results and was delighted with them and it was also her 18th Birthday - it was double celebrations. There was a party at the house to get the celebrations under way and many of her friends arrived and they too all seemed in great form as they too had got their results. Food and refreshments, music and song, laughter and smiles everywhere made for an enjoyable occasion and then Leah and her friends headed off to the Town to continue the celebrations. Our congratulations to Leah and to her friends on getting through the Leaving successfully and to Leah on her birthday. We know they had a great night and now we wish them all every success in whatever road in life they take from here. Some one once described the path of life like a person going to a place in rural Monaghan and discovering that there are many ways to get there and that on every road you will come to a number of crossroads and you make a decision as to which road to take but if it is wrong you can always get back on track at the next crossroads. There will also be hills to climb, some just small hills and others will be steep and difficult but with a bit of effort you get to the top and then it is easy going down the other side. Lets hope the boys and girls don't have too many steep hills to climb. Best wishes to all.