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Comment on Lack Of Health Services

Current Comment

It has been a while since I added a Comment to the site and not because there was nothing to comment on but because there was so much that could be raised that I did not know where to start. However the time has come to comment on the aspect I know best – Our Health Services – or shall I say the lack of Health Services.

The problems just get bigger and bigger but let me say from the word go – I have the utmost respect for the frontline staff in our hospitals and our GPs. As so many can verify – when you get into the system it is very good but it is getting in that the main problem is. However there are mistakes being made and various problems arising due to the workload of staff. When they are overrun with patients needing attention mistakes are inevitable but mistakes which should not happen.

The waiting lists are a growing problem and our politicians just cannot come up with the solution. It is not rocket science to see what is needed but throwing more money at the system is not the solution. Over the last months about half a million euro (€500,000) was spent in trying to take on extra frontline staff – nurses and doctors. It managed to attract about 12 extra staff. Now they want to employ 1,500 extra staff – where are they going to get them and how much is that going to cost. Surely they should ask – why do nurses and doctors not want to work in Ireland and when they get the answer then that is where the money needs to be spent to attract them back to work here. But then we all known why they do not want to work here but the Government never tries to change the system.

Overcrowding in our A & E’s is also growing but again they are not doing anything to solve that problem. Building a big, brand new A & E in Limerick was expected to solve Limerick’s overcrowding and trolley figures. All it did was attract more patients to attend A & E and so more patients needing a bed in the hospital. Some of these could have gone to the GP instead but then the GP’s are over run and scarce on the ground with limited hours. There is plenty of talk about improving the lot of the GP but nothing is ever done that changes things. Some of these also could have gone to an A & E in Nenagh or Ennis but then the smart people closed those like they closed Monaghan, which then put pressure on Drogheda and Cavan.

Now some of those same ‘smart people’ are criticising the current authorities for what they are not doing about the problems that they caused in the first place. A recent article in the BMJ (British Medical Journal) on research which was carried out found that the Golden Hour to Hospital was still the most important thing and that Paramedics should ensure that the patient gets to the hospital as quickly as possible. It was obvious that a doctor, with years of training and equipment on hand, might be better than paramedics with less training and less equipment in the back of a moving van. We have always claimed that people are dying because of the delay and we still stand by that. As well it is well documented by Consultants that people are dying because of overcrowding and delays in A & E’s but there is no emergency plan to sort these problems out. People who were in power when the closures were implemented are in no position to criticise now.

The Monaghan Hospital Alliance has been quiet for some time but it is still in existence and you may hear more from them in the near future but it is about time we in Monaghan began to shout louder than ever before as Monaghan is getting the thin edge when it comes to Health Services, especially to deal with emergencies. None of us know when we will be the ones requiring that emergency assistance so now is the time to shout for change.