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Knockconan National School Activity

The end of the school year is always a busy time, an exciting time and a sad time as pupils look forward to summer holidays, look forward with some trepidation to going to a new school, say goodbye to teachers who have nourished them through the past years, know that they will not be all together in the second level school, look forward to making new friends, look forward to new subjects, look forward to late rising which they will never do and to forgetting about the homework for a couple of months, which they will do. Knockconan NS had a graduation ceremony for those leaving the school this year and they were presented with a scroll and special jersey. They included Jake McGeough, Shea McKenna, Anna McCabe, Sean McCabe, Brendan Treanor, Liam Treanor, Aine Rafferty, Nicole Myers, Leah Smyth, Niamh Clerkin and Grainne McKernan. The classmates of Grainne McKernan had presents for her as she is going to a different school next year.  That took place on Friday and then on Monday the members of the Boys football team were presented with their medals as winners of their section in the Cumann na mBunscol competition and the Girls team, which won the Barry Cuddy Interschools tournament, was also honoured. Plenty of excitement then around Knockconan NS.

Some children in Knockconan were involved in Mary's Meals Backpack Project which is a fun activity for schools, clubs and families to get involved in. Mary's Meal was begun in 2002 by Scottish man called Magnus McFarlane-Barrow who experienced child hunger in Malawi and the inability of children to get an education and decided to do something about it. He began by arranging a free meal of porridge daily to any child who attended the local school. Then he discovered that they had no utensil with which to eat it and so he looked at getting them spoons. Then they had no pencils or copybooks and he tried to get them but they had no bags with which to carry the books and so began the Backpack collection. Mary’s Meals works in 14 countries across Africa, Asia, Latin America and the Caribbean. Mary’s Meals is now reaching 1,187,104 of the world’s poorest children with a nutritious daily meal in school.

Many children receiving Mary’s Meals don’t have basic learning tools such as pencils and copybooks and one of the ways you can donate to Mary's Meals is to donate a Backpack full of the things they need or indeed an empty one. The children who receive it are in 3rd world countries and this is likely to be the first ever present they would receive. Things that can be put into the bag are, and these are suggestions: Clothing for children aged between 4-12 years is suitable. Second-hand items are fine if they are in good condition; Please label your backpack to indicate whether it is suitable for a boy or girl, and suggest what age; Please don’t include any liquids (including liquid soap) and don’t be tempted to add any other gifts such as toys or sweets, as these can cause problems with Customs during delivery; Notepad; Pens, pencils, crayons, Eraser, ruler, sharpener, pencil case; Towel; Shorts or skirt, t-shirt or dress; Flip-flops or sandals; Soap, toothbrush, toothpaste; Small ball; Spoon. Now with the end of a school year there are many backpacks and uniforms which will not be used again and could be sent to Mary's Meals. This project is meant to be 'Children helping Children' and if you would like to help there will be a collection from Emyvale Leisure Centre at 12 noon on Saturday July 22nd 2017.  You will bring a big smile to the face of a child somewhere if you help out with this project and you will help him/her to get out of the poverty trap by getting education. Well done to the pupils from Knockconan ns who have already donated.