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silver hill

From Junk to Antique

A few weeks ago a Corcaghan man, Colm McArdle, featured on the Late Late Show when four people, who had been selected 8 weeks earlier, presented their renovated, refurbished, repaired, restored, and redecorated collection of rubbish to its former glory. He had seen the heap of scrap in an antique place and decided that he would like to bring it back to pristine condition and it was this that he was going to have ready for the Late Late live. It was an old cart which a travelling man would have as he went from house to house sharpening knives, scissors and other utensils and that is how he made a living. The sign says he can ‘cround Cardin Shears’ where he meant ‘ground Garden Shears’ – so his spelling might not have been the best but Colm did not change it as that was what was on the original cart. Our photos show how it looked when Colm bought it (imagine a sensible man paying for that heap of junk!!) and then its finished look. Unfortunately the item was pushed in at the end of a Late Late Show and there was little time for a good look at all four items but sadly Colm’s was not selected as the winner. However because I and many like me, did not get a good look at it in the studio I decided to show the real thing in photos.

Colm says ‘ it was a greater challenge than I had expected and it took a lot of hours to get the work done in time for the Show but I am very pleased with how it has turned out’. One must marvel  at the quality of the work and the intricacy and complexity of the various parts. It was also essential to get it in full working order and this meant designing and making new parts and getting it exactly as it was originally. The paint work did get an extra colour along the edges of the panels but otherwise it has been restored to its initial form. Colm is to be congratulated for the magnificent job of work he has done and the beautiful antique he has brought back to life. Will it now sit forever in his hallway? ‘Not a chance’ says Colm, echoed by Siobhan, his wife, ‘as soon as the right offer is made I will sell but at the moment I am in no hurry’.

So it is very much 'from junk to a very valuable antique' - judge for yourself from the photos below

Next thing we'll hear that Colm is making Rocking Horses!!!