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silver hill

June 2018 Art Network

The June Artnetwork showcase took place in the Markethouse on Wednesday, June 27th and as usual it was a terrific display of talent from the acts presented on the night. It opened with Mary McCleary telling us of a visit she paid to Mullan Mills and about the sole resident, Seamus Mulligan, through good times and poor times for the village over the decades. She told us of the thriving community when Mullan Mills Boot factory was producing boots and shoes for Ireland and abroad, of the wonderful days when Mullan was the centre for so much social activity, of its demise during the troubles and the closure of factory, of its rejuvenation when Michael Treanor purchased the village and began rebuilding and renovating and a new product on the market from the factory, of the new community building up there around Seamus Mulligan, who is a proud resident. For those who lived in North Monaghan and especially those who lived and/or worked in Mullan this story would bring back wonderful memories and nostalgic recollections. The next act, Ben Folkman, entertained us with his musical prowess and talent. From Australia originally be has been playing music on a wide variety of instruments since the age of 12 but is now living and working in Cootehill and loves his work and his music. The Amoroso Quartet brought us nicely to the interval and this group of four friends have been together since 2016 and are being hailed as top class and recognised for their ability by Galway Music Residency and are being invited to play at top venues. The second half began with an energetic dance display from members of the Lesley Goggins Dance school and one longed for past youth and to be able to twist, turn and gyrate like the dancers. The last act for the night gave us some great numbers from three members of the Lowlight Gathering. Daniel, Charlie and Gregory proved their musical talent and entertainment value with their playing and singing and brought the night to a very successful conclusion. Once again well done to all participants and to the organising committee.