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silver hill

Joggernutts on Tour

The Joggernutts is a group of runners/joggers/walkers started by Leslie Crawford a few months back. There were two members originally which soon became to and then 20  and 40 and now over 60. It is confined to those females and males over 50 years of age who wish to better their health and enjoy the fresh air and companionship of like-minded people. It is not all about running and achieving Personal Bests though many of the group have smashed Personal Bests a few times and have their sights set on faster times. There are also those who could not run more than 100 metres when they joined but are now getting themselves ready for a marathon. But the social aspect is also very important and support for each other is an integral part. So on the social side the Joggernutts go on Tour and on Sunday, June 24th they arranged a morning at Emy Lake. The running/jogging/walking came first and this was followed by a get-together at the Jetty on the lake shore. Some members of the Jolly Joggers joined in the activity. There they held a BBQ Breakfast and while Kevin and Paul cooked up the food Paddy McQuaid introduced the group to electric bvikes which he has for hire and heritage trails for people to traverse on bicycle, thereby getting the exercise, seeing the wonderful scenery of North Monaghan, learning some of the heritage of the area and enjoying the experience. It was then time for food and music was played and songs sung by the O'Hagan and McKenna sisters and a couple even broke into a dance. Even the cattle in the field adjoining were impressed by the music and watched proceedings from the other side of the hedge. The weather was terrific and many cooled off by plunging their feet into the water and relaxing. Others, who may not have intended to get even their feet wet were almost going for a swim. It was a lovely social occasion and bit by bit the crowd dispersed. Leslie thanked all who had contributed to the event and those who participated. He also thanked Emyvale District Anglers who had provided the BBQ equipment.