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James McGrath Social Night

A few weeks ago a Jiving Class began in Emyvale Leisure Centre and the jiving coach was a James McGrath, from County Armagh, assisted by his friend Fiona and it turned out to be a great success. Big numbers attended and enjoyed the fun and definitely learned how to Jive or became much better if they already had the basics. However the series of classes ended last week (Monday, Nov 27th) and James was telling us that he and a group of friends would be heading out to Belarus after the New Year bringing presents for children in orphanages. He was invited to come to a social night on Friday, December 1st. in Emy Lake House. People who attended the Jiving Classes were also invited. Local musicians and neighbours gathered for what was a great 'Ceili' night and another that Bernie Sherry would be proud of. Various solo presentations were made as well as group music and singing. James performed a few numbers and of course there were a few jive dances too. Young and older participated in the 'craic'. There was a special appearance and performance by Edelle McMahon and there was plenty of food and refreshments of every kind. Anyone wishing to make a donation to James's Belarus Fund could do so and he announced at the end of the night that almost €500 had been donated and he thanked everyone for the giving and generosity. He told the story as to how he became involved with the Belarus project and the benefits the money will bring to children there. He, joined by all present, thanked Geraldine and Victor Watterson for hosting the night in the beautiful Emy Lake House and a big thank you to all who supplied the refreshments. Anyone who would like to make a donation, however big or small, can do so by giving your donation to Geraldine and she will hand it on to James. We wish James a successful trip and thank him for what he is doing to people so much more less off than ourselves, and we look forward to his return to Emyvale Leisure Centre to take us to the next level of Jiving. Below we have pics of some of those at the 'party'.

Above James's girlfriend, Hannah, and her friend (in black) and behind them you can see James in blue shirt chatting with some of the guests