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Ireland Lights Up

RTE'S Operation Transformation: Gaeil Triucha CLG was one of 140 GAA clubs throughout Ireland that took part in Ireland Lights Up With the GAA in partnership with RTE'S Operation Transformation which took place over a six week period from Monday 22 January to Monday 26 February. The aim of the initiative was to provide a positive and beneficial resource for people. In a bid to make exercise and walking more accessible and safe for people on the dark winter nights. The floodlights on the walking track remained on from 7pm - 9pm for Ireland Lights Up, promoting both the physical and mental benefits of walking and exercise, as well as promoting the fantastic facilities that Gaeil Triucha have to offer. The good community spirit and enjoyment of this initiative was very evident with increased numbers each week of family, friends and members of the community taking to the track to walk and talk.  The club video of the walkers was also featured on RTE Operation Transformation on Wednesday 31st January 2018.  (To view the show log onto RTE Player)

Due to the popularity of this initiative the floodlights on the walking track will remain on each Monday from 7pm to 9pm until Monday 26th March.