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Ambassador Hearn’s Final Monaghan Visit or is it?

Over the years since the first steps were taken to link Monaghan with parts of Canada there was been a very serious interest expressed by the Canadian authorities. When Donagh parish and Emyvale were discovered as the area from which so many emigrated to PEI we have had a constant stream of visitors coming to trace their roots and for many that was achieved. Monaghan Council officials were criticised by some for wasting public money on trips to Canada but those involved thankfully persevered and built strong links not only with PEI but Nova Scotia, the Miramichi in New Brunswick and more recently Peterboro, Ontario. The eagerness of the Canadian authorities to develop these links was evident from the interest and consideration given by the Canadian Embassy in Dublin and their Ambassadors. I have met with and spoken to all of the Canadian Ambassadors to Ireland during these years and always found them very approachable and friendly. The man who has held that position for the past four years is Loyola Hearn and we have just heard that he will be leaving in August and will retire when he goes back home. He has had a great interest in Monaghan and, through the work of Willie McKenna in particular, he has visited on a number of occasions and has sampled our culture and our economy. He was invited to Monaghan by the County Council on Thursday, July 17th for a meeting and meal prior to his departure. It coincided with the Country festival and it so happened that he is a big fan of Jimmy Buckley who was opening the Festival. He and his wife Maureen, attended the festival and remained in town for the second night with Derek Ryan. The Ambassador is himself an accomplished musician of Traditional Irish music. I spoke to him on Thursday evening and you can hear that interview by clicking on his picture below. The bond between Canada and Monaghan is now very strong and over the next few weeks a number of large touring parties from Canada will visit Monaghan and stay in the town. From the interview you will hear how the economic link is developing and bringing many benefits to both countries. We thank Ambassador Hearn for his work in the strengthening of that bond and we wish him and his wife health and happiness to enjoy the next phase in their lives and hopefully they might call again in Monaghan.

Below we recall some of the highlights when Loyola Hearn visited Monaghan as Ambassador.

Canadian Ambassador.mp3

Click on the photo above to access the interview.