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silver hill

Special Birthday

My dear wife, Ann, reached a special birthday on April 28th and so we had to have a special birthday party to celebrate the big occasion.  Family and friends gathered in the Four Seasons Hotel and we had a wonderful night of music, song and chat plus a very tasty supper. We also had some fun from the 'Unique' presents brought in as all presents had to cost no more than €1.50 and some people used imagination and creativity to arrive with a present that gave us all a laugh. Instead of presents, guests could, if they so wished, make a donation to a charity of Ann's choosing. She has decided to donate the proceeds to the LauraLynn Childrens' Hospice and the total donation comes to €1,020.00. There was plenty of good music and singing too and all got involved with a session of party songs for all to join in. Thanks to the Four Seasons Hotel management and staff for their assistance and input and also to all who joined us in wishing Ann a Happy Birthday. It was a birthday to remember.