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Grandparents Day in Clara NS

Thursday, March 15th, was a wonderful day in Clara National School as grandparents of pupils accepted an invitation to come to the school for a few hours. The eyes of children lighting up as they saw their grandparents arrive was a beautiful sight and the programme laid on made for a lovely experience for all. Of course with St. Patrick's Day and Easter approaching there were plenty of decorations and colourful displays all around the school and the atmosphere was enchanting. The event began with tea/coffee and tasty snacks, which all enjoyed and then Fr. John Flanagan led the group in prayer. There was plenty of entertainment and entertainers from Marina's music school, very appropriate poems from classes and individuals, fitting songs for the occasion, and of course St. Patrick was honoured in song, and there was dancing exhibitions too and all from a very talented group of pupils. Then it was the turn of the grandparents to do their party pieces and to let the present generation know what it was like to go to school in thier younger days. The event ended with presentations by the children to the grandparents and thanks being expressed to all who took part and was involved.