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silver hill

Glasformation 2018

Week I: Operation Glasformation 2018 kicked off last Sunday, January 21st bright and early at Emylake, 9 hardy souls braved the rain and freezing winds and were put through their paces by Gavin & Micheal. This wasn’t a simple run around the lake, there was circuits to be done along the way.

Monday night seaw a big crowd at the Oakland Centre for the first jiving class taught by Declan Savage. Declan put us through the basics and it wasn’t long until the music was on and everyone was jiving. We finished off with some line dancing which we are all looking forward to more of the same over the next 6 weeks.

Tuesday night was interval running with Gavin & Micheal. Almost 35 people met at Wright’s for the warm-up and to discover what fate lay ahead of us. A great session with plenty of encouragement and hills!!! It was great to see so many people push themselves beyond their limits.

Wednesday night we were back in the Oakland Centre with Adam for circuits.  Again a big turnout for what was a tough intense class but everyone certainly pushed themselves.

Thursday night was back on the road, a quick warm-up at Wright’s we were then sent down to the Castle, back up through the village and outwards Donagh Row & the 5 points. 5k in total we were all glad to hear the words, “Gavin is at the top of the hill”

Friday night we had the first of our yoga classes with Marina. This was certainly what the doctor ordered as we got to loosen out the aches and pains from the previous few nights. A very relaxing class which gave us the chance to unwind after a busy week.

Saturday is rest day before we start it all over again on Sunday morning for week 2.


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