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silver hill

Glasformation Week 2.


Operation Glasformation is now in full swing. We are already at the end of week 2 and looking forward to week 3.

Sunday morning we were unfortunate to get heavy rain for the second Sunday in a row but this didn’t dampen the spirits of those out running and walking.

Monday night we picked up where we left off in Declan’s jiving class. Confidence was higher, friendships were made and we all got introduced to Tommy K.

Micheal took us on Tuesday night for our interval training, again over 30 people took part in this speedwork and hill training. It is tough training but you feel good after it’s done.

Wednesday night we were back in the Oakland Centre with Adam for circuit training, The Hall was full, there’s wasn’t much chance for talking and we all got introduced to Sally!! We might not want to see Sally on week 3!!

Thursday night we were out for our 5k training with Micheal, people are already knocking minutes off their time and we are only in week 2.

Friday night was again just what the doctor ordered for us all at yoga with Marina. A great chance to unwind after a busy week of training.

Saturday is rest day before we start week 3 on Sunday morning at 8am at Emy Lake.

So far so good, everyone is enjoying it and everyone is giving a lot of commitment. Looking forward to week 3!