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GAA Volunteer Recognised

The entire ethos of the GAA down through the years has been built and depended on the work and commitment of the volunteer. However in more recent decades the GAA as an organisation has grown in size and numbers with millions of euro worth of assets and huge sums of money being raised to maintain it that paid officials has become the norm and in modern society many will do nothing except there is pay. However the GAA is regarded as an amateur sport, in name anyhow, and still depends on the voluntary giving of time, energy and skill by so many in each club. It is becoming more professional and it is claimed that payments are made but they are hush hush. However once it becomes the accepted fact that some get paid for their work, the day of the volunteer will be numbered as who wants to give of their time freely while the man next to them is being paid. When that day comes the GAA will be a totally different organisation and not for the better.
Meanwhile every club has its quota of volunteers and some within every club give outstanding service, mainly because of their love of the game and because of the benefits its brings to the community. The top echelons of the GAA are beginning to realise that unless the volunteer is shown appreciation there will soon be none to keep the clubs in existence. The Monaghan Clubs all have a fair share of dedicated workers, both men and women, who spend hours each week working for the benefit of the club and the Emyvale Club is no different. On Sunday June 3rd 2018 Monaghan played Fermanagh in the Ulster Championship Semi-final in Omagh and, as usual, a fine Programme was produced covering many aspects of the GAA in both counties and beyond. One of the articles which the Ulster Council now includes is an Appreciation of the Volunteer(s) and on this occasion one of the persons chosen was Mickey McCarron, or Mickey PA as he is known. This was a very worth choice as Mickey has been a stalwart and staunch volunteer in the Emyvale Club and since his beginnings in 1990 he has held many official roles within the club and has been a leader in the development of the Club and its grounds. He has given unbroken service over the past 28 years and currently holds the Office of Field Officer. Mickey takes a great pride in having the fields and the clubhouse in excellent shape for every game, whether that be senior, juvenile, men or ladies, county or club, local or visitor. He will also make sure that the personnel using the facilities will be treated properly and with hospitality. It would be very difficult to assess and describe the amount of time, energy and know-how he has invested in the club but his volunteering does not end there. He performs as Umpire for referees, mainly clubman Niall McKenna, and is also a Steward at Championship games for the Ulster Council. Mickey's contribution to the GAA, and the Emyvale Club in particular, is a fabulous example for others and without people like him GAA clubs could not survive. We say - 'Well done Mickey - you fully deserve the recognition given to you by the Ulster Council'.