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Corracrin N.S. Fundraising Event ??

Crazy No Uniform Day – Fundraising Event for Noeleen Loughran. Noeleen is a past pupil of Corracrin N. S. and is now working in a voluntary capacity in Uganda, just south of the Sudanese border, in the largest refugee camp in the world. There are 270,000 refugees there at the moment but the camp is growing on a daily basis. Most are fleeing the unrest and war in Sudan. They arrive with few belongings and have very little food or fresh clean water.  As a result many are ill and suffering from various diseases. Noeleen works in a caring capacity distributing medicines and tending to their basic needs. She works independently and is not directly involved with any of the Aid Agencies.

In order to support her work Corracrin N.S. are having a Crazy No Uniform Day next Thursday 14th. June. Children can wear their own clothes and accessories and style their hair in any crazy fashion of their choice. The usual minimum donation of £2 from parents will apply but there is no limit on the amount of the donation, which can be sent in. This is an opportunity to support Noeleen in her work and she intends to use the money to buy much needed medicine for those in need.

If anyone in the wider community would like to support this event they can hand in a donation to the school office at any time in the coming week. Noeleen will be in school on Thursday to meet the children and join in the fun.


Some images of Noeleen at work.

The non-uniform Day took place on Thursday as planned and there were some weird and wonderful costumes and outfits with matching, and in some cases not matching, hair and wigs and all sorts of ornamental productions. It was fun and all enjoyed it. Noeleen attended the school and visited each class to see the huge effort the pupils and their families went to in order to make it a memorable day, which it was. Ms. Murray, who organised the event, made a presentation to Noeleen but as all funds were not in and more to come it was decided to withhold the total amount raised until a final figure was ready, which we will bring you in due course. A huge number of sports jerseys were handed in and Noeleen will be taking these back with her for the children in the camp where she works as she is hoping to set up some football teams in order to give the children a fun and wholesome method of spending their time and of improving their health. She hopes to send us a picture of the jerseys being worn when she gets back to her camp.