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silver hill

Fr. John Skinnader’s South Sudan Mission.

On October 24th Fr. John Skinnader heads off to South Sudan to set up a Mission there. It is a new area with a small percentage of the population being Christian but with 80% of the population living in poverty. This is a great challenge and we wish him every blessing and success in his work. This week Fr. John has been in attendance at an Information Centre set up next door to Hollands Shop in Emyvale. He has a display of photos showing the countryside and the conditions to which he is going. He invites everyone to call and he will describe his mission. He has helpers, who will make a cup of tea or coffee, which you can enjoy as you listen to the enthusiastic presentation from Fr. John. He does not want money but he would like you to take a Savings Box and, over the next year, he asks you to put your loose change in it and next year there will be a big ‘Gathering’ to which all will take their boxes and have them opened and a grand total reached. It is a painless way to assist the great Christian work which Fr. John is undertaking and a very practical way by which we can all help to spread the Gospel, as requested by Jesus. Do call before Saturday evening at 5.30pm and wish Fr. John all the best. The nearest phone or internet will be two hours away from him over mud tracks but we hope to bring you regular updates from him once he gets the work under way.
If you want a night out then John Glenn and the Wranglers will be playing at a Dance in the Sliabh Beagh Hotel on Saturday, October 20th and all proceeds will be going to assist Fr. John with his Mission. It will be a very good night and a very good cause.

Fr. John pictured outside his ‘new Church’. This was taken by his nephew when they were out 6 months ago to survey the area and conditions.


Fr. John pictured with some of those who called to see him while I was there.