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silver hill

Fermanagh Win

Fermanagh wins the battle and go through to Ulster Final 2018 and the possibility of winning that coveted trophy, The Anglo Celt Cup, while Monaghan will re-group and prepare for the unknown through the backdoor system. Monaghan's defeat of Tyrone drew great praise and comment and should have been the spur to make them dispose of Fermanagh easily, as many expected. However Fermanagh had their spurs too. A great win against Armagh was an indication of what was to come and Rory Gallagher had inspired his charges to go that extra step. Did Rory get his plan right or did Malachy get his plan wrong or a combination of both. The Fermanagh men showed a greater hunger for possession though there was a lot going on on that field of play. The Monaghan men went on the defensive and were too slow at going forward and were crowded out by the time they got within scoring distance. Then we wonder why so many wides? On occasions in the first half when Monaghan made a couple of charges into the Fermanagh defence they were causing problems and earned frees but this did not happen often enough. They began the second half a little better but two points was not a cushion as proven when that lucky strike came and Fermanagh went in front in injury time. Now the struggle to get into this famous 'Super 8'. The long sit to get out of Omagh gave us time to come to terms with what had happened.

Should this have been a Penalty as the ball was lifted off the ground??