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Edelle Launches Album

Edelle McMahon, that's our daughter, residing in Belfast, launched her first Album in the Accidental Theatre, Shaftsbury Square, Belfast, on the night of Wednesday, November 22nd 2017 to a full house. The audience consisted of musicians, reviewers, friends and family, many of whom had heard a number of the songs from the album played on BBC Radio Ulster all week, as it was nominated 'Album of the Week' by Eve Blair. Edelle has been composing her own material for some time and performed regularly at the Lagan Sessions, which were held weekly in Belfast. It was there that she received the encouragement to put an album together and with close cooperation with Jim and Paul the album became a reality. She had the backing of many top class musicians and the great work of Michael Mormecha in producing, what is regarded as a wonderful selection of lyrics and haunting music. Edelle has built a fine reputation with her music and singing in Belfast and much further afield and has been on the programme for many major concerts throughout Ulster and is invited to provide the music and singing at weddings and funerals.

For her launch she had Ursula Burns perform on stage and she set the scene for a terrific night of entertainment. Her exceptional talent as a harpist, in all sorts of positions including as she reclines on the floor, combined with her hilarious lyrics warmed the hearts of all present and drew rapturous applause.

The main act, Edelle, then came on stage, introduced by Graham, and her band members gave her great backing music throughout her presentation. She gave us an insight into how each song came about and its background and dedicated some of them to individuals. The lyrics are very important and full of meaning and it is worth listening to the words as well as the music. Edelle accompanied herself on her guitars, acoustic and electric, and displayed an exceptional talent there as well. Edelle expressed her thanks and appreciation to all who had helped in so many ways in getting the album produced and in organising the launch and all who had attended on the night. When she finished her programme there were calls for an encore and she certainly kept the finest wine till last as this number raised the roof and ended the night with a standing ovation from the audience. When she finished she was inundated with well wishers and all congratulated her on a magnificent performance and a totally enjoyable night.

On behalf of Ann and myself I would like to express our thanks to all the members of our families who travelled from Emyvale, Clones, Drumquin, Omagh, Portrush, and Belfast. Your presence and support means a great deal to us and is really appreciated.


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