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Edelle's Launch

It was a full house in the Four Seasons Hotel, Monaghan, on Wednesday night, April 4th, for Edelle McMahon's launch of her first Album - 'Adventures in Narcissism'. Edelle was accompanied by her band members - Benny on lead guitar; Andy on Bass guitar and Mike on drums and percussion; Chris was in charge of sound. All of them highly expert and very talented in their respective roles. Each act was introduced by Graham Bingham, a renowned musician, and singer songwriter from Belfast. The Opening Act was the 'Dangerous Harpist' and anyone who was there would agree that it is a very appropriate name for Ursula Burns and indeed some might find a few extra names that would help to describe her but with all that she is a very talented Harpist, as she showed from all angles, and terrific voice which she uses to perfection, and a great way of connecting with her audience. As a person she is warm and pleasant to have in company with no airs or affectations which also comes across during her performances. It was then time for Edelle to take the stage and it now becomes difficult for a parent to praise his daughter as it could be said I am biased but judging from the reports of those in attendance and the reactions we have received from so many since then - Edelle is a beautiful singer and guitar player. She has written the majority of the numbers she sang on the night and, even if her kind of music is not to everyone's taste, they would still agree that she has a wonderful voice, a very professional stage presence and a very enjoyable programme. Any reports I have heard from independent members of the audience through people who were not there has been that it was an exceptional night of entertainment and very enjoyable from start to finish. I agree!!

Thanks must go to the Four Seasons Hotel for their support and cooperation; to those who spread the word on social media; to other media who helped with promotion; and a huge thank you to the big number of people who attended and showed Edelle such support. It was a massive turn out from the community and we appreciate the statement that your presence made. Thank you.