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silver hill

Emyvale V Killeevan in Junior Football League.

Saturday, June 9th 2018 the weather in Tully was such that no football game should be played as with constant Lightening and torrential rain flooding the pitch there was a serious danger for players either by being hit by some of the lightening strokes or by clashing at speed due to the very slippery conditions underfoot. Those were not favourable conditions for playing good football as it was so difficult to get a grip to make sudden changes to direction and with heavy jerseys, togs and boots double their weight because of waterlog legs grew tired much faster. Added to that the speed with which the ball skidded off the sod made it impossible to judge the flight and speed at which it would travel. However the powers that be decided that the game go ahead and it did and ended with a win for Emyvale on a score line of 1 - 13 to 1 - 7. There was little between them at the interval but the home side settled better in the second half and defended well to take a substantial lead and hold on to it. Killeevan is a very young team overall and they showed great promise at times but experience was missing and causing mistakes. Emyvale too were making mistakes and it could have been the conditions but I am not convinced of that.  Paul McCarron suffered an injury and we wish him a speedy recovery. He was having a very good game and was making great runs at the opposition and getting his name on the score card and next he was back clearing up in defence. Aaron Loughran is a player who has improved immensely and plays a very intelligent game.  Daniel McMahon took some good scores but there were times when he needed better assistance from the other forwards. Another player who impressed was Ciaran Connolly who seems to have recovered his former speed and skill and was solid in defence. Others were good sporadically but again it may not be fair to judge them while they battled with the elements. As a game it was scrappy and perhaps the referee could have issued Black and even a red card but didn't and this is a bug-bear of mine - the referee should apply the rules strictly in order to protect players from injury and from frustration, which very often results in the wrong player getting the Red.

Not an Emyvale Player in sight - goalie left exposed!!