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silver hill

Monaghan 1912 - 1923

Terence Dooley is a Monaghan native and is now History Professor in Maynooth University. He was very involved as project director in the magnificent 1916 exhibition which was in Monaghan Museum in 2016 and I heard him speak on the occasion of that launch. He was a very impressive speaker and obviously very knowledgeable and I look forward to reading his latest work on 'The Irish Revolution 192 -23 in Monaghan' which was launched in the Monaghan Museum recently by Minister for Arts, Heather Humphreys. Some years ago Terence published a book on the same period in Monaghan but since then much material has been unearthed and become available through research carried out by a number of different sources. This book then is an update on his previous work and a compilation of all the new material available and results in a compelling account of life in Ireland and Monaghan in particular in this formative era of Irish history. For anyone interested in understanding the present then a study of the past is vital for a proper evaluation of the present and this is wrapped up in an excellent production here. When in town get this book and next time you are sitting down to relax - switch off the TV and read this book. You will enjoy it.