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Walkway Donation Box

It is well documented that huge crowds are using the fantastic facility provided by Donagh Development Association at Emy Lake, namely the Walkway. The DDA was set up with the specific aim of researching the possibility of making a walkway which went right around Emy Lake, and to proceed with the construction of the walkway if this was possible. There were many obstacles along the way but the members of the Association never gave up the hope of progress and, with great cooperation from many quarters, they succeeded in completing the project and opening it to the public. Their decision to forge ahead with the plan has been proven correct as so many are now coming from all over the county and neighbouring counties to use the walkway for leisure. It is a wonderful amenity and its varied scenescape provides a unique experience of peace, tranquility and closeness to nature. The public use of the walkway has been very good and has adhered to the requirement not to allow bikes, motorised vehicles, and horses on the walkway. Dogs are a bit of a problem as some people are reporting that dogs are not being kept on a leash and poop is not being scooped. Dog owners must respect the fact that some people fear dogs, even those on a leash, and no one likes to step into poo.
However, due to the amount of usage, the walkway needs maintenance and the committee are hopeful that in the not too distant future they will be in a position to put a smoother top surface on the walkway. This would certainly make the experience that little bit better and more comfortable and more accessible to the older generation. This all costs money and the DDA try to raise funds to carry out this work. A Church Gate collection last week gathered almost €700, but more is needed if they are to be in a position to surface the walkway. Now users of the facility can assist as a Donation Box has been erected at the Walkway exit/entry and money can be donated into this box. A little donated by many can result in a lot and who would reject the idea that it is worth a small donation to be able to use such a facility. This Donation Box has been designed and constructed by McCarron Engineering, Knockronaghan, and the DDA would like to express great appreciation to Oliver McCarron, who provided and erected the Donation Box totally free of charge. This was a very generous contribution by Oliver and one which provides us all with the opportunity to make our contribution. It was cooperation and support like this that assisted the Committee to get the Walkway opened and hopefully the public will continue to give that support so that the necessary maintenance and development can be carried out.
Our photo shows Oliver McCarron, McCarron Engineering, Knockronaghan, handing over the Key to DDA chairman, Patrick Callery and other committee members.