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silver hill

Deravoy National School Science and Creative Art Day.

I'm not so sure what the proper title of this special day in the life of the pupils of Deravoy National School is but Science and Creative Art sums it up for me but even then it does not get across the real happenings and activity which is carried out in preparation for this day. The pupils select an aspect of scientific discovery and develop a project which shows how it works, why it works, what use is made of it, what can be done with it, and with a practical demonstration explain it to anyone who stops to look. Included also are buildings constructed with a variety of materials and decorated with art work. The environment and nature always feature highly and the local environment provides ample subject matters for the young minds to examine, observe, study and write about and to tell others their findings. On Friday, April 20th I visited the Exhibition and 2018 was even more spectacular than 2017 and I was really impressed with last year's offering. It would be impossible for me to give in detail all the Exhibits and Demonstrations but I must compliment every pupil involved and of course their teachers for their direction. It would have taken me a couple of days examining every group and every Building but I must say all the pupils were extremely knowledgeable of their project and could answer every question put to them. I was particularly struck by a number of them, mainly because of specific interest and the study of the Curlew and the Harrier were enlightening and I loved the demonstration on how flower petals changed colour when left in a vase of coloured water. The Community Centre in Carrickroe was a house of energy as each pupil described their projects and captivated their audiences. What an education is so many aspects and in particular the gain in confidence and ability to communicate was a big winner not to mention the knowledge and interests which was accumulated in those young developing brains and all done in a totally enjoyable and exciting way. Well done to all is all I can say as photos do not do justice to your work and achievements.

Donnacha Treanor made his presentation on the Curlew by means of a video