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Deravoy NS Grandparents.

A special day in the school life of Deravoy National School is the day the grandparents are invited in and the pupils entertain. It is a lovely occasion and I always love to see the glint in the eyes and the happy smiles and excitement on the faces of the young pupils when they recognise their granny/granddad/aunt/uncle/great grandparent/which ever family member in the audience to see them perform. This year it was held on Friday, June 15th at 11.00am and a full house was ready to enjoy the programme. Ms. Currie welcomed all and those who could not attend and those who had passed away, including Rosie Connolly, were remembered. Then to the performances - Junior and Senior Infants were first 'on stage' and they had songs poems, music and movement which they presented like professionals. Then came the 1st, 2nd and 3rd Classes with their music, poems, some as Gaeilge and cuid acu as Bearla and finished with the lively Chitty Chitty Bang Bang. 4th, 5th and 6th Classes entertained us with a great selection of music and finished with a fantastic and fitting tribute to the late Big Tom. After this the pupils described some of the important awards captured by the school during the past year and these included - Creative Schools; Science, Technology, Engineering and Maths (Stem); Blue Star; Green Flag; and Gaelbhratach. David McCague, Director of the Education Centre was present and he congratulated the school principal and staff, the pupils and the parents on gaining the Gaelbhratach flag and for making sure that our native language is promoted and used as much as possible. Fr. John Flanagan added his words of congratulations and thanks to all involved and finished with a prayer. Ms. Currie thanked all for their presence and continued support for the school and the pupils. She invited all to the Community Centre, where the Parents Association had kindly prepared and served refreshments. There was plenty of chat and socialising there and all were high in their praise of the talents and confidence being developed by the children and their ability to present the programme with great poise. For many of the older generation it was a matter of comparing what is happening in schools today with what they experienced when they were at National School and there was no comparison. Individual talents were never on the agenda for promotion or development and the wide ranging opportunities now afforded to pupils to develop and display their talents was to be admired and encouraged. All were very complimentary and thankful to the staff for the great work they are doing.