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silver hill

Donagh Development Association

AGM: The following officers were elected - Chairman John Sherry; Vice Chairman - Jim Murphy; Secretary - Bridie Sherry; Assistant Secretary - Sinead McKenna; Treasurer - Mary McMahon; Ass. Treasurer - Barry Kerr; Lake Manager - Aidan McKenna; PRO - Pat McKenna: List of members - Seamus McAree, Victor & Geraldine Watterson, Sean McQuillan, Bridget McKenna, Sheila Murphy, Ivy O'Hara. Apologies from Patrick McKenna, Eimear Brennan. Chairman welcomed all; breakdown of grants received in 2017; total amount €34,600 on 8th of Oct. we held a very successful Wheelbarrow Run, which brought in €8695.00, two charities received donations of €1000.00  each, the three main sponsors were thanked SDG, Emyvale Credit Union and Gabriel Mc Aree. Would like to thank Monaghan Co. Council for Grants received.  Votes of sympathy were to families of the late Agnes Callery and Rose McBride.