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silver hill

Creative Dance in Deravoy NS.

The 2017/2018 Creative Schools Project taken up by Deravoy NS is called - 'All the B's - Bogs, Beaches  and Businesses'. The bog was easy as the school is adjacent to Bragan, which plays a big part in our heritage and is an area which needs to be respected and appreciated. It was decided to develop a 'Bog Dance' and to get assistance the Artist in Partnership Project through Monaghan Education Centre. Fiona Keenan O'Brien, a contemporary dancer and actor arrived to help develop the theme with dance. Each class created and choreographed their own creative movements and dance and these brought out the sights and sounds of the beach and the bog. Prior to  the start of the dance routines we were entertained by the fabulous harp playing of Megan. Parents and friends were present and I have to say it was spell-binding to watch and listen to the performances of the pupils. With closed eyes you would swear you were at the seaside listening to the waves crashing against the shingle on the shore with the seagulls flying about over head. Then you would imagine yourself on the top of Bragan with the slean in your hand and someone there to catch the sod as you pitch it out while wildlife circled and called out to their friends. Wonderful production and exceedingly well performed. Well done to all. Thanks and praise was expressed by Prinicpal, Miss Currie, at the end and gifts of appreciation were presented to Fiona. Unfortunately static images cannot represent the quality of the dance and sounds but you can imagine yourself.