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St. Vincent de Paul

3rd Level Students from Donagh Parish  applying for Educational Assistance must adhere to the following procedure:

 Students should ring the Regional Office on the Freephone Number  1800 677 777.

 An Application Form and Application Procedure for Students is sent to the Applicant from the Office.

 The local Conference will be notified when the application has been posted.

 Where possible, applications should be submitted by September 15th 2018.


Mullan Village Carnival:You are invited to the launch of - Beats, Bands, Boons - a community dance with flax... by artist Úna Curley with wine reception at 7pm on 6 September 2018 at The Old Dance Hall, Mullan Village, Emyvale, Co. Monaghan. RSVP Text: 0876812031 Email:  An evening of fun, stories and making rushbands in memory of all those who worked with flax, or in the Mill or danced in the Dance Hall at Mullan Village.

This installation is a journey through time to help us unravel the stories that bind us to the past. It opens from Sept 6 to Oct 7. Thurs to Sun. 11am to 4pm. Other times by appointment. This installation is part of the inaugural Linen Biennale NI 2018 programme of events also supported by Monaghan Heritage as part of The European Year of Cultural Heritage calender of events.


Emy Lake Walk: Church Gate Collection 11th and 12th of August, proceeds to upkeep of Emylake walkway, - Church collection Total €465.52, Thanks for your support

To avoid a clash of events all walks at Emylake must be booked in advance, contact John 0863705617 or Pat 0862575259 and strictly no camping at Emy Lake.


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