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silver hill

Chilli Lounge, Cavan.

Raju Hasan, a very good friend of mine, has been working in the Eastern Balti in Monaghan and we were honoured to be present at his wedding last year to Fateha Khatun, which took place in Monaghan. Recently they had their first born - a beautiful little girl called Mahreen. Over the past six months or so Raju and the other members of his family were planning and preparing to open their own Indian Restaurant and they decided to open in Cavan town. After renovation and decorating the Restaurant opened its doors on Wednesday, December 13th and we were among his first customers. For an opening night it was amazing - every table was occupied from 5pm until closing at 10pm. The first customers were a Cavan couple, Fergal Fitzpatrick and Susan Curran and I spoke to them after their meal and they were very impressed and deemed the food excellent and the service very friendly and a very short time between courses. They will certainly pay it another visit. All were very impressed with the warm, inviting and comfortable decor with plenty of space between the tables. The lighting, the colours, the layout all gel to make your time in the restaurant as soothing as possible and the choice of food is very extensive. The dishes served in the Chilli Lounge on Main Street have a uniqueness and taste, which makes a dining experience there special. Raju's father, Ali, is the chief Chef with years of experience and a fantastic reputation for his ability to prepare wonderful tastes in food. Raju's brothers, (Muhon, Hira and Mukul) will be front of house and they have much experience in quality service and a friendly smile for everyone. I recommend that you go there and try it for yourself and don't just take my word for it.


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