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silver hill

Ceilihouse 2

They gathered again in the kitchen of John Treanor’s preserved ‘house’ but unfortunately John himself was absent as he was in hospital. However modern technology connected the kitchen to the ward and John was able to enjoy the music, song and chat. We all wish John a very a speedy recovery. Margaret was a perfect host and ensured everyone was comfortable and well fed with home-made produce of the tastiest kind. There was a variety of liquid refreshments served up to the guests too and everyone had a great night. Music, song and dance with the odd story thrown in reproduced what was the standard night of entertainment decades ago before the TV took over.

A special guest there was Hugh Murphy who brought with him a selection of his ‘Dancing Dolls’. Dancing Dolls is a centuries old tradition and were dolls carved from wood and made to dance to music, producing a step-dancing beat in tune with the music. Hugh has perfected the art and has performed all over Ireland and abroad. His Dolls have been made by him and they are ‘Clog Dolls’, which jump up and down in response to the tapping spring-board and they click their heels on the board as they dance. These are also known as ‘Dancing Dans’ and were major in American Folk art. Hugh is also a fine musician and plays the ‘Spoons’ and the bodhran. Our pictures give you an idea of the Dolls.
Joe McPhillips was there recording the event for posterity and this will also be included in the forthcoming 4 X DVD set on the ‘life of turf’. No doubt a special launch will take place for the DVDs and I will bring you news of that anon.