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silver hill

2018 Visitors

Already this year we have guided a number of visitors to Monaghan around the historic and heritage sites of North Monaghan and in some case assisted them in locating the lands from which their ancestors emigrated in the 1800's. Some we cannot help as the records of those days are missing or incomplete, which makes it almost impossible to link names to families and townlands. Sometimes the visitors are not really interested in making a connection but love to see the Irish Countryside and the '40 shades of green'. They also like to hear some of the history of the area and what life was like before the Good Friday Agreement and how it might be if Brexit re-establishes 'the Border'. Hopefully we will post here our visitors.

Meet Valerie and cousin Ranie, who have PEI connections and were hoping to expand their Family Tree but were unable to do so because of scarcity of records. However I hope they enjoyed the tour around North Monaghan and they are pictured here standing on the Border at Ballagh Bridge. Their family names include: Monaghan, McQuaid, Trainor, Johnston, Murray, Coady and Flood at St, Patrick's. They have Emyvale, Donagh and Tydavnet all mentioned in the family history.