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1916 in Monaghan County Museum

In many parts of the country events are planned and have begun to celebrate and recall the happenings of 1916 and succeeding years in Ireland and the continent of Europe. The National media has concentrated on the happenings in Dublin during the Easter Rising as if little or nothing occurred elsewhere in the country and that only Dublin men and women were involved.  Every area of the country was affected in one way or another and Monaghan is certainly proving its connections with the Launch of a 1916/Great War exhibition, which was opened in the County Museum on Thursday, March 10th. This wonderful, interesting and detailed exhibition will run for the remainder of the year, supplemented with workshops, talks, tours and other events. Museum curator, Liam Bradley,  welcomed a full house to the Museum and gave a brief background to the work involved in putting this exhibition together. He praised the work of Professor Terence Dooley, History Professor Maynooth University, and a Monaghan man, who acted as chief advisor for the project. Liam also paid tribute to the excellent and professional staff of the Museum who were instrumental in getting the project to exhibition stage and he thanked Monaghan County Council for its support and encouragement. In his address Professor Dooley added his words of praise to those already mentioned by Liam but added his praise for Liam who had an infectious enthusiasm for the project. He highlighted some of the important aspects of the exhibition and stressed that it it is a very independent view of the happenings of those times without favour to any religion or political belief and encompassing all cultures. He stated that he was delighted to be associated with the project.  Cllr. Noel Keelan, Chairman of Monaghan County Council, welcomed all and pointed out that the numbers attending such functions as this in the Museum proved the necessity for a new purpose built Museum for Monaghan. He urged all in authority to use their influence to bring this about. He encouraged schools and colleges to arrange visits to the Museum to see exhibitions like this one and he acknowledged the assistance given by Minister Heather Humphreys and her Department staff. He paid tribute to the Museum staff and thanked the Council staff for their input and then declared the Exhibition Open. Mr. Eamonn O'Sullivan, CE Monaghan County Council and Mr Adge King, Director of Services were among those present.

Margaret Skinnider and Peadar McMahon (no relation) are two Monaghan people involved in the Rising.

Professor Terence Dooley, Liam Bradley and Cllr. Noel Keelan at the launch of the exhibition.

Sorcha McMahon was also involved

On right here are members of the McGrane family who are related to Katie McGrane who played a role.

Mary Murray, and son David, who are related to Charles Laverty

Paul Flynn and Shirley Clerkin, Monaghan Heritage Officer and in background is Paul's Flag from the Golden celebrations of 1966.

Prof. Dooley, Liam Bradley, Noel Keelan and Padraig Horgan of PH7 Design who were responsible for the magnificent displays

Padraig Horgan, Adge King, Terence Dooley, Eamonn O'Sullivan, Noel Keelan and Liam Bradley.

Three generations of the Bradley family - from right Michael, his son Liam and grandson Josh.

Terence Dooley with Noel Murphy, who had a significant input to the project.