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silver hill

Updates from Fr. John


Greetings again from South Sudan. I returned to here a few days ago. I had to return to the parish sooner than expected as the young Italian priest with whom I was working here had to return to Italy.  I had planned to be in Ireland for the month of August - but it was not to be. During the month of August I was hoping to spend a few days gathering my  " small change boxes " but this has been put on hold until the next time I will be in Ireland. In fact I will be in Ireland soon again - in October actually - as I am now a consultant for a small German aid organisation and they want me to go with them to Sierra Leone for two weeks, to look at projects that they have been  funding there.  I had previously worked in Sierra Leone as a missionary.  So maybe I will get an opportunity to collect the " small change boxes" in October.

No change in the situation here - but I had a great celebration yesterday in the UN camp for the 15th of August with thousands of the displaced people celebrating the Mass of the Assumption with great gusto. So, the people themselves continue to encourage us with their faith and resilience to whatever life continues to throw at them.

Best wishes, Fr. John