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Kevin McBride visits Emyvale Boxing Club.

On Fri. Oct 1st the heavyweight boxer from Clones, but now residing in the USA, paid a visit to Emyvale Boxing Club and gave encouragement and advice to the young boxers there. It was an appropriate time to call as club member, Niall McGovern, had won an Ulster Championship the previous night. We will add an audio interview with both Niall and Kevin later but we bring you a selection of photos taken during Kevin’s visit.

We congratulate Niall on his victory and wish him further success as he proceeds toward All-Ireland. We also thank Kevin for his very unassuming attitude and approach to those with whom he came in contact. He was very easy going and gave time to everyone. He will be fighting in Ireland next month for the Irish heaveywieght title and we wish him every success there.



niall mcgovern.wav
kevin mcbride.wav

If you click on the pictures to left and right you should hear the interview with them.