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U21 Kerley Cup Final 2010.

Truagh 2 - 11 V  1 - 6 Emyvale

Two U21 finals were held on two successive nights, both in Emyvale and both games were very similar. On Monday, Sept 13th Monaghan Harps secured a decisive victory over Scotstown while on Tuesday, Sept 14th Truagh took control of their Division 2 final against neighbours Emyvale and finished very worthy winners.
Truagh began the game in fine form and held sway in every sector for the first half going into the break with a nine point advantage. They controlled the centre and there was a constant supply of balls going in to their forwards putting extreme pressure on the Emyvale defence. Meanwhile Emyvale had a number of chances which they squandered with poor accuracy. However they tended to overplay the ball and on numerous occasions ran themselves into problems and eventually lost the ball and control of the game.
At the beginning of the second half there was a resurgence from Emyvale and things began to work for them. This was brought about mainly by a few substitutions and some positional changes. When Patrick McCarron netted it looked like a close finish was in store but once again Truagh cancelled out any hopes of a recovery and with their excellent long range points they finished much the stronger team. There were great efforts from some of the Emyvale players but on the night too many were unable to perform and live up to their potential.
Sean Murphy, representing the County Board and Seamus McQuillan of McQuillan Staircases, the competition sponsor, presented the Kerley Cup to the Truagh Captain, Gary Fealy.

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