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Intermediate Football League V Rockcorry.

Emyvale played Rockcorry in Tully on Wednesday, July 28th in the Intermediate Football League and this was a very important game as they are lying in second last place and in great danger of relegation. However many of the regular players were off due to injury and there were few on the subs bench.

The first quarter was a tough and close contest even though Rockcorry got off to a great start. Little by little frustration set in as many tough tackles were allowed go. Frustration turned to anger as the game progressed and many players began to pay more attention to that aspect of the game rather than the ball. At the interval Emyvale was still there and were getting more and more control, especially around the middle.

The second half began with bad news in that Brendan McKenna had been taken off to hospital due to suspected concussion. He had been gaining lots of possession around the middle during the first half but was constantly fouled and tackled. It was in one of these that he sustained the head injury.

His loss was soon apparent and the Emyvale forwards had to play deep to get possession. Even so too often the Emyvale players overplayed the ball and showed a lack of confidence in going forward and taking a shot at the point. Darren McKernan was also injured and while he remained on the pitch it was obvious that he was still suffering and this lowered his effectiveness. However the players never gave in to the final whistle but it was all in vain.

These were two evenly matched teams who were giving it everything to gain victory. It was tough and no quarter was given but it deteriorated as the game progressed and it became difficult to know what rules were being applied at times. All of this led to frustration and dangerous play resulting in injuries. It was not a pleasing spectacle and not enjoyable to watch as serious injury was always a real possibility.