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Ulster Final.

What a disappointment? What a dreadful day for Monaghan? What went wrong? Where were our footballers? Where were the skills, fitness and abilities shown in games all year? Where was the management? Why was an injured man forced to take kick-outs and then grimace and contort in agony? Why was he expected to have instant reaction to save shots at goal? Was it the physical onslaught from Tyrone that drained them of energy after fifteen minutes? Did the Referee do them no favours by allowing play to ‘flow’ while some might claim fouls were being committed? Why were Monaghan players unable to hold their footing while Tyrone men had few slides? Did the loss of Vinnie Corey have such a devastating effect on the teammates? Did the return of Darren Hughes to an outfield position unsettle the other backs? Did all the pre-match hype cause them to overestimate the task before them? Was there something missing from their preparations or was there something they did which had the wrong effect? Can Monaghan not handle the big occasion? They are not as bad as they appeared on Sunday last and therefore there has to be a reason why they did not perform to their potential. Lets hope they get that out of their system and return to their former selves against Kildare in Croke Park next Saturday afternoon. Hopefully the Dubs will shout for Monaghan as the numbers getting there on a Saturday afternoon might be curtailed.
We would like to send our best wishes to John Paul and wish him a very speedy and full recovery from the injury.


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