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Pre-Ulster Final - BBC Visits Truagh.

Monaghan face Tyrone in the 2010 Ulster Final in Clones on Sunday, July 18th.Being neighbouring counties this has stirred up plenty of hype and excitement with many homes divided where one partner is from Tyrone and the other from Monaghan. Friendly rivalry and an excuse to forget all the other stressful pressures of the present economic climate. BBC in its lead-up to the final on Friday, July 16th decided to go out and about to gauge the reaction of people and where better than Truagh. As was very evident from the jersey colours there has been quite a cross-border movement on the marriage front and as one of our photos shows - children are half and half. At least this young man has the right jersey on top. The Cross-border funding was not necessary to attract this type of interaction and ‘integration’ but maybe there should be some sort of grant aid made available to those who have married cross-border!! Maybe Truagh, on the their big Sports Day coming up, could organise to have the greatest number of cross-county married couples gathered together in one spot? I suppose all that would depend on who wins on Sunday!!!
The BBC presenter was Thomas Kane, a Belfast man who has worked with NBC in America and is a big sports fan and a member of St. Bride’s GAA Club in Belfast. He was a member of the Ulster Basketball team in his time. He certainly made himself a favourite with the people who turned out for the event as he has a very pleasant and pleasing personality. Eugene McKenna, the former Tyrone great, and Monaghan great, Truagh’s own Kevin Treanor, were interviewed briefly and St. Mellans came across as a thriving and busy place, which indeed it is every evening  of the week.