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Ulster Final Ladies U16A 2011.

A feast of exciting football was served up at Donagh, Co. Fermanagh on Saturday, July 30th 2011 when the Ulster Finals of the Ladies U16A and U16B competitions were held. Cavan and Armagh contested the B final and this was a terrific battle with some very excited parents and supporters on the sidelines. The outcome was in the balance until the final whistle but Cavan succeeded in capturing the title.
The U16A game followed and Tyrone faced Monaghan. On paper the hot favourites were Tyrone who had scored big totals against all-comers on their way to the final. However Monaghan had a point to prove and they were determined to do so. Speaking to manager Seamus Murray just prior to the game he said - ‘We will take the title, the girls are ready for it and they will win - it might be close but we will take it’. Once the game began it was clear that the girls were full of this same conviction. They were into the game immediately and every member of the team was giving 101%. I also noticed that the management on the side line were very clever with their positioning of players and Murray made changes immediately to counteract threats that he saw and they worked. Throughout the game he made vital and timely decisions - all of which had a huge bearing on the outcome. The other noticeable facet of the game was the fitness of the Monaghan girls - they were full of running and had speed which resulted in them getting to the ball first and making huge attacking runs at the Tyrone defence.
The Monaghan lassies gained control of the game and went into the break with a good lead but nothing is ever certain in Ladies U16 football and Tyrone came out a revitalised team in the second half and it was now their turn to hold sway and run at the Monaghan defence. They were getting ever so closer to going in front when a few changes by the manager and a great goal by Amy Murray brought the game back to Monaghan and from there to the end they were the dominant force on the field.
There was great jubilation when the final whistle blew and again when Amy Murray collected the Cup from Gerry Doherty, representing the Ulster Council. The celebration was justified and all are to be congratulated for the great win.

The winning Cavan side with mentors; Aoibhín Kiernan collects the Shield from Gerry Doherty’; Aoibhín hold the trophy aloft.

On right the victorious Monaghan girls and mentors and on left the Tyrone team.