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silver hill

Like many other things in life, repatriation of a loved-one is something we read and hear about but when it comes to our own family it means an awful lot, both emotionally and financially. This is were the Kevin Bell Trust steps in and takes all the burden away from the bereaved family and the Funeral Director can do all the negotiating and organising for the family. It is a magnificent service which weas started by the late Kevin Bell's family and has made repatriation possible for many families since its inception. It gathers the funds and relies on the generosity of people, to pay for the costs involved in getting the body of a loved one home for funeral and burial, something which most families could not afford to do by themselves and we never know when it might come to our own door.
We have the opportunity to subscribe and support the Kevin Bell Trust by coming along to the Quiz Night in Redboys as advertised here. It is just €10 for the night and I know that those involved will make it as enjoyable a night as possible with FUN being the top priority. The organisers, in conjunction with the McKenna (Delavey) family, are hoping for a good turn out for this excellent cause. See you there?