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Glaslough Rose and Fete

Who is going to be selected as the Glaslough Queen for 2011? God help the poor adjudicators as they face a very difficult decision in trying to pick one from this bundle of beauties. Having been in the company for an hour or so and taking their photos I realised that It will be very difficult to select one as they all had lovely personalities. Anyhow that is a task for someone else - I will just enjoy the event. I also hope to spend some time at the FETE during Sunday afternoon and I hope to see you there. If we meet - smile as your photo will possibly appear on this site next week for the world to see and I want you looking your best - you never know who will see you.

Amanda McQuaid                  Anjoullie Reiff              Brenda Reynolds           Carla Boyle

    Caroline McAree                  Cathy Toal               Donna McMeel                  Erin Lavery

     Hilary Murphy                  Julie McNally                 Lisa McGlade            Louise Jorgenesen

  Melanie Colleran               Niamh Trainor              Rachel Boyle                   Rachel McKenna

   Sandra McNally               Sara Davies                   Victoria Traverso