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Truagh V Scotstown SFL   ......   HERE


Emyvale V Aughnamullen JBFL .. HERE


Johnny Culloty ........................... HERE

I am being constantly asked why I have not covered any Monaghan GAA on the site recently.


It is very simple - I have been refused a Pass to get in as a photographer.


Last year I was given a Pass which allowed me in to cover League games in which Monaghan was involved. However I got it a week after the League final was played and it did not allow me in to Championship games.


This year I got no Pass and so cannot attend County games as a photographer. I think there are commercial reasons for keeping people like me out - we would be taking business away from commercial interests, who cover the games.


I could LA and get in through the back-door system but that is too much hassle and degrading.


I know that many of the 3,296 daily visitors to are GAA fans and many of them far away from home. They tell me how much it means to them to read the report and see the photos of our coverage of county games. I apologise to them but there is little I can do about it.