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Emyvale V Corduff - Championship 2017

Emyvale team has not been performing too well in the Intermediate League this year and are sitting at the bottom of the league table having secured one win so far. Their opponents in the Championship, Corduff, meanwhile were winning well and lying in second place behind Carrickmacross. Lots of people gave Emyvale little hope of victory as the two sides met on Saturday, August 12th in Scotstown as part of a double header with Tyholland V Cremartin to follow. Indeed lots of people did not bother turning out to support their sides or was it because a much greater attraction was elsewhere with a Senior Championship being a better option for interest. I think that is a terrible decision to have championship games clashing. There are lots of people who would want to see the Emyvale game but were attracted elsewhere and vica versa. Is this a mad rush to get club games finished within the year? Is this the type of suggestion coming from the CPA to give the clubs more games? Championship games, at whatever level, should not, in my opinion, be fixed for the same date and time in different locations. Supporters should not be faced with the dilemma as to where they should go.

Back to Saturday and Emyvale caused quite an upset as they defeated Cor a final score of 1 - 15 to 1 - 5. This was a totally different Emyvale side from what I witnessed a few weeks back in the League. This was a well coordinated, committed, disciplined and well organised side playing as a team and fit to endure the pace to the end. They displayed a hunger and talent and threw themselves into everything as if their lives depended on it. If they could be faulted it was in their scoring, which at times was erratic and a waste of good play leading up to the point from which a score could be gained. Daniel McMahon was on song and boosted the confidence of his teammates with his fine kicking and forceful play. Karl McQuaid was causing all sorts of problems to Corduff at the middle and his goal set the scene for a win. Ryan McAnespie was dangerous throughout and he helped to pull the markers from others when attacks came. All in all it is unfair to single out anyone as it was a great team effort which helped to make individuals shine and to raise eyebrows on the sideline. The team was as follows: Conall McKenna, Ciaran Connolly, Colin Hughes, Anthony O'Brien, Gregory Devlin, David Bellew, Sean McMeel, Karl McQuaid, Michael Flannery, Ryan McAnespie, Gavin McKernan, Gareth McQuaid, Aaron Loughran, Daniel McMahon, James O'Neill. Subs: Stephen Askin, Jonathan McCarron, Jack Kelly, Stephen O'Brien, Nathan Keenan, Aaron O'Neill, Darragh Boyle, Christopher Kerr, David McAllister, Robert McAllister, Darren McKernan. Manager - Declan McGarvey. Selectors - Kieran Campbell, Barry Donnelly.

This was a good game of football to watch as both teams gave it all to get the win but at no time was there any nastiness or what goes for 'dirty tactics'. Referee Andrew Mullan kept a tight rope on proceedings and let play flow though I still think something will have to be done about the Black Card. Where I agreed with Andrew's decisions there were times when I know other referees would have produced the Black Card inappropriately. The other thing that really annoys me is when a player is surrounded, thumped. pulled, held, pushed, tripped, punched, etc etc by more than two players and he is fouled for holding on to the ball. This leads to frustration and allows 'agro' to build up which in many cases is the end result and a red card for someone. There should be more protection for the player with the ball other than expecting him to drop it and walk away.
Well done to both teams on a sporting and football as it should be played.

The second game was another enjoyable game to watch with both sides again putting all their efforts to gain advantage. Some excellent individual performances and good coordinated moves but again accuracy was missing too often for both sides. Referee Donal Connolly did a good job and made good decisions. Again well done to both on the sporting nature of the game. Tyholland won with a score of 3 - 11 to 0 - 15.
Team - Padraig Hamill, Michael McQuaid, Trevor Connolly, Stephen Connolly, Niall Askin, Joe O'Boyle, Paul Coyle, Ronan McNally, Karl O'Connell, Jamie Smith, Ryan McKenna,  Padraig Finnan, Shane Treanor, Brian McArdle, Dermot Coyle. Subs: Ryan Lee, David McQuaid, Colm McDOnagh, Darragh Treanor, Steohen Corrigan, Gerard Treanor. Manager: Ciaran Carey,. Selector: Darren Smith.